Why Integrated Accounting Is So Important For Food Distributors

17 May 2021 Helpful Tips

A a food distributor you wear many hats. The last thing you want is to stress over your accounting. The internet is changing the way food and beverage businesses operate. Now distributors an integrate business accounting to their management system.

Here’s how integrated accounting increases your efficiency and reduces your overall costs.

What is integrated accounting?

Integrated accounting is the combining of your businesses accounting to your food and beverage management software.  Data is automatically synced from one program to the other program instantly and accurately – removing errors and costly administration time.

Why is integrated accounting so beneficial for food and beverage distributors?

Distributors face different challenges; bookkeeping should be easy! You should have the peace of mind knowing that your accounting is accurate, correct and accessible at all times.

Integrating your accounting to leading accounting package Xero, provides your business with a centralised solution that removes the need of going back and forth between programs.

Reduce administration time:

The benefit of integrated accounting is it eliminates the need to use several programs to keep track of your business financials.

Integrated accounting is instantly transfers data from program to program once entered - saving you time and bookkeeper fees.

Eliminate errors:

Using multiple systems is a common habit for many food distributors. The problem with that is it create errors and additional costs for your business. Integrated accounting gives you a simplified solution that transfers all information quickly and accurately between the programs - eliminating common human errors.

Slash accounting costs:

Integrated accounting ultimately lower your accounting expenses.

Many accountants charge per hour, using multiple systems requires your accountants to go back and forth between programs to find and allocate financial information. The problem with this is it takes time. Integrated accounting centralises all financial information and correctly allocates it to the correct location. The less time your accountant needs - the less you will pay!

How EasyVend can help?

EasyVend by Jeal provides food and beverage distributors with a complete management software that automates the day-to-day tasks of running a food distribution business. EasyVend includes all your everyday needs like invoicing, receipting, standard orders, inventory control, payment gateway, online ordering and so much more.

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