5 Features Your Food & Beverage Management Solution Must Have

30 Mar 2022 Helpful Tips

A great Food & Beverage Management Solution will streamline your day-to-day operations and open your doors for future growth.

As a Vendor, Distributor or Wholesaler, dealing with the challenges of operating a food or beverage business can be difficult. Having old or inadequate systems in place can increase stress and total costs. With that being said you need to make sure your management system has all the features in place that maximises efficiency and escalates growth.

Here are 5 features your Food & Beverage Management Solution Must Have.

1. Online Ordering Website Integration

In 2022, Online Ordering Websites are your businesses key tool to gain and retain customers. One of the most important features your Food & Beverage Management Solution Must Have is Online Ordering Website Integration.

The problem with not having a solution that does not integrate with your businesses Online Ordering website is you have to input and re-key customer order data after the time of purchase. The benefit of having a solution that integrates is once a customer order is placed, all key information such as the order details, delivery date, and stock numbers will instantly transfer to your management system and update your businesses standings.

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2. Automatic Customer Invoices and Payments

Do you still chase customers for payments? Or have to manually link customer payments to the correct invoice? Customer invoicing and payments is a challenging and time-consuming process for many Australian F&B Businesses. The second most important feature that your Food and Beverage Management solution needs to have is Automatic Customer Payments and Invoicing.

An Automatic Payment Solution handles the entire payment and invoicing process in the background as you trade.

Using a system like EasyVend, the following customer payment processes are automated.

  • Customer invoices are automatically generated and sent at the correct time
  • Customer payments are taken automatically at the agreed time
  • Customer payments are automatically allocated and receipted to the correct invoice
  • Ability to cater for complex discounts, rebate structures, multiple price levels and price adjustments
  • Ability to enforce customer credit limits

To learn more about Automatic Customer Invoices and Payments in EasyVend click here.

3. Simple Inventory Management

Strong Inventory Management is the key to success in the Food and Beverage Industry. Your businesses management solution needs to simply your inventory management and workflow. The system needs to instantly give you key information and let you know your businesses live inventory situation when needed.

The benefit of having a strong inventory management solution is you can analyse business data and accurately forecast ordering based on your businesses trends and demands. There’s nothing more frustrating in the F&B Industry then having too much or too little inventory in place – either option is cost your business greatly. A strong management solution should put your business in a position to make accurate, educated decisions that increase profitability.

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4. Quick Report Generation

The importance of having strong business data cannot be overlooked. Your businesses needs to compile relevant data that in turn can help you make important future business decisions. Your management solution must have a fast, quick, and easy reporting solution in place that allows you to generate custom reports at a time of your choosing.

On top of this, your reporting solution must be customisable to your business and quickly paint the picture of what your business is doing well and what needs to be improved. The quicker and easier you can generate meaningful reports, the better position your business will be in.

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5. Accounting Integration

Your business shouldn’t need to stress or waste time on the accounting process. Accounting should be smooth and simple. One of the key features that your management solution must have is accounting integration.

Accounting integration is the process of combining your management software with your accounting software and data being shared between the two programs. The benefit of accounting integration is financial information will sync from one program to the other without requiring any duplicate data entry from either your team or your accountant. Accounting integration will save your business time and money.

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Final Word,

Your management solution is the key to operating a successful and efficient Food & Beverage business. Your management system needs to simplify your processes and give you back time to focus on growth. The 5 features mentioned above are a MUST in the Australian food and beverage industry in 2022.

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