How Australian Food & Beverage Businesses Can Minimise the Impacts of a Staff Shortage

09 Feb 2022 Helpful Tips


Staff shortages are by far the biggest challenge facing Australian Food & Beverage Businesses in 2022. Not only does a staff shortage impact your operations but it also impacts your customers.

The key to surviving a staff shortage is automation.

What is Automation?

Automation is a designed application that is programmed to achieve set business goals and outcomes with minimal to no human intervention. Automation reduces time spent on repetitive manual tasks, increases workplace efficiency and reduces costs.

How EasyVend Can Help?

Automation through EasyVend will minimise the impacts any staff shortage has on your Food & Beverage Business and more importantly your customers.

Here's how EasyVend can help:

Automatic Credit Card Payments

How long do you spend chasing your customers for payment? What happens if you have a staff shortage? Will your business be able to cope? Chasing customer payments is a frustrating but all to familiar job for Australian Food & Beverage businesses.

The biggest problem with chasing payments as you would know, is it is time-consuming. Think about it you have to chase money, allocate the payment and chase again not to mention the expensive wage cost of having a staff member chase money full-time.

EasyVend includes a completely Automated Credit Card Payment Solution that automates the entire payment process. Everything from invoicing to receipting is completely automated and does not require any human intervention.

In EasyVend the following processes are automated:

  • Customer invoices are automatically generated and sent at the correct time
  • Customer payments are taken automatically at the agreed time
  • Customer payments are automatically allocated and receipted to the correct invoice
  • EasyVend handles complex discounts, rebate structures, multiple price levels and price adjustments.

Automating your payment process will limit the effects a staff shortage will have on your business. You will save hours of time, reduce your debtors, and continue to receive and allocate payments seamlessly.

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Online Ordering Website

Are you still taking orders by SMS or Email? What happens if you lose your staff for a point in time? Is your business prepared to take on the extra workload?

To minimise the impacts of a staff shortage, Australian Food and Beverage businesses need to have an Online Ordering Website.

EasyVend Online Ordering Websites simplifies yours and your customers purchasing process. Integrated with EasyVend Food and Beverage Management Software, order information, products, invoices, and receipts automatically update and send as you buy and sell.

The benefit of an Online Ordering Website is it simplifies your customers purchasing journey and puts you in complete control of your ordering no matter what the world presents.

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Integrated Accounting

What happens if you are short of admin staff? Will you be able to waste time with your bookkeeper?

With the Food and Beverage Industry changing, Vendors, Distributors and Wholesalers need to integrate their accounting with their management system.

EasyVend integrates seamlessly with leading accounting package Xero. EasyVend’s integration with Xero instantly syncs financial information two ways from one program to the other without duplicating data entry. All financial information will be ready to go for your accountant without you or your team needing to do any of the heavy lifting.

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Final Word,

Staff shortages will continue to affect all business around Australia. The best thing Food and Beverage businesses can do is have the appropriate tools in place. EasyVend has all the tools in place to reduce the impacts staff shortages have on your business and your customers.

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