How EasyVend Helps You Grow Your Food & Beverage Distribution Business

01 Dec 2021 Helpful Tips

Running a Food and Beverage Distribution Business isn’t an easy task. Ask any Food & Beverage Vendor or Distributor and they will tell you first-hand how much the industry has changed in the past 18 months.

With that being said, if your Distribution business doesn't have the right tools in place, you could risk losing customer and falling behind the competition.

For Food and Beverage Vendors and Distributors, EasyVend supports and automates every part of your business, freeing you up to grow your sales. Here are a few ways EasyVend helps grow your Food & Beverage Distribution Business.

Automates everyday tasks

Let’s face it, as a Food and Beverage Distributor there is often a thousand different things to do. You simply don’t have the time to waste doing common administration tasks such as Stock Management, Ordering and chasing Payment.

Using the latest technologies, EasyVend simplifies and automates many everyday distribution tasks. Tasks such as Stock Management, Ordering, Customer Reminders, Invoicing, Accounting and Payments are automated in EasyVend – giving you more time to focus on increasing sales and future growth.

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Online Ordering

Are you still taking orders by SMS or Email? If you are, you would already know how time-consuming that process is. The problem with taking orders manually is it takes you away from other key areas of your business and it doesn’t offer your customer the best ordering experience.

With EasyVend, Distributors can get a tailor-made Online Ordering E-Commerce Website. The benefit of using EasyVend for Online Ordering is it completely integrates with EasyVend Food and Beverage Management Software.

When a customer places an order through an EasyVend Online Ordering Website, the customers order will automatically sync to the management software, update your stock numbers, generate a receipt, send an invoice, and schedule a delivery – all without you needing to complete any manual data entry tasks.

For your customer, this gives them the ability to order in their own time. They no longer need to manually text or email their recurring orders. Using an Online Ordering Website customers can simply click and order with ease.

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Automatic Credit Card Payments

How long do you spend chasing customers for payment? Studies show that Australian Food & Beverage Businesses wait 24 days on average for payment. No matter what industry you are in, waiting almost a month for payment is unhealthy and you could soon find yourself in a negative cash flow position.

EasyVend provides Distribution businesses with an Automatic Credit Card Payment solution that automates everything from invoicing to receipting.

In EasyVend the following processes are automated:

  • Customer invoices are generated and sent automatically at the correct interval
  • The payment is taken automatically at the agreed time
  • The payment is automatically allocated and receipted to the correct invoice
  • EasyVend handles complex discounts, rebate structures, multiple price levels and price adjustments.

With EasyVend your entire payment process is automated. This will save you hours every week and reduce your total debtor list.

Customer Reminders

One of the most frustrating things about running a food and beverage distribution business is receiving late orders. EasyVend offers distribution businesses with a completely automated customer reminder module that eliminates late orders from recurring customers.

Using EasyVend, Customer reminders can be automatically triggered to send to those customers who have not placed orders at their regular interval. Customer reminders can be sent by either SMS or Email and can be customised to your businesses specific needs.

Final Word,

To stay ahead of the competition, Food and Beverage Distribution Businesses need to have solutions in place that automate common manual tasks and increases customer satisfaction. Using the latest technologies, EasyVend removes common frustrations faced by distributors making business more efficient and streamlined today.

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