How To Increase Efficiency in the Food Distribution Industry

24 May 2021 Helpful Tips

At the end of the day your main focus is to sell great products and provide exceptional customer service.  As the food and beverage industry continues to change, business are quickly transitioning their operations from labour to technology to streamline their business efficiency.

EasyVend has put together a quick guide on how food distributors can increase efficiency.

Automate your day-to-day tasks

It’s a situation we know too well, receiving orders via text, SMS or email and having to manually input the data into your management software. This process is time consuming, and there is a high chance error. Recent studies released found business are losing over  $700 per employee every year on avoidable mistakes!

Automating your everyday tasks through a food and beverage management software will instantly reduce your costs and increase your efficiency. The benefit of food and beverage technology is that it completes repetitive tasks instantly and accurately without human input - giving you hours of time to focus on other areas of your business.

Centrally manage your stock and ordering

Managing stock and ordering in two sperate systems is crazy! To stay competitive distributors need to manage ordering and stock in the one central platform.

The benefit of centralising your stock and ordering is you can automate your process. Once an order is placed, your system will automatically update. You can quickly generate reports and action any areas that need improvement.

Integrate your accounting

One of the biggest frustrations for by many SMEs is accounting. Integrated accounting is the combining your accounting and management software. The benefit of integrated accounting is all data is automatically transferred from program to program.

Many accountants are forced to go between programs to complete the job. The problem with this is it takes time and creates additional costs for your business. The less time spent on accounting - the more money you make!

Implement an payment gateway system

Studies show that the average amount of time it takes for an invoice to be paid in Australia is 26 days!

How long do you spend chasing invoices? No business owner should waste hours of time chasing payments.  A payment gateway is an online payment system that automatically verifies a customer transaction and either approves or declines the request based on the information provided by the customer. The biggest benefit is you can automate your entire payment process! No more chasing payments!

Where EasyVend can help

EasyVend by Jeal is a simple and adaptable food and beverage management software that automates all day-to-day tasks of managing a food and beverage distribution business.

EasyVend includes all your everyday needs such as invoicing, receipting, standard orders, inventory control, dockets, integrated accounting, online ordering, Payment Gateway and so much more!

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