Tips to Improve Order Management in the Food and Beverage Industry

12 Jul 2022 Helpful Tips

Order Management. It’s arguably the most important part of running a Food and Beverage Business. To this day, many businesses struggle with order management which often results in higher costs and reduced profitability. To be successful in 2022 and beyond, F&B businesses need to implement the right systems that automate the order management process.

Here are 5 Tips to Improve Order Management at your Food and Beverage Business.

1. Automate Ordering

The biggest mistake you can make in order management is taking and receiving orders manually. The problem with taking and receiving order manually is it’s time-consuming and extremely prone to error. The first way to improve your businesses order management is to automate your ordering process.

Using an Online Ordering Website, F&B businesses can completely automate the entire ordering process. Customers can place orders through a dedicated website at a time that suits them best. The benefit of having an Online Ordering Website is customer order details automatically sync with your management system without you or your team needing to perform any duplicate data entry tasks. The less time your team spends taking and receiving orders, the less risks there are of making a costly ordering mistake.

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2. Forecast Ordering

Forecasting is one of the most important parts of Order Management. If your business doesn’t forecast ordering, you could be thousands every month. In an industry as sensitive as F&B it is so important to make strategic ordering decisions or you could end up with too much or too little stock – either option will hurt your businesses cashflow.

To avoid running into this issue, it is important that your business forecasts ordering. Get together with your accountant or bookkeeper and analyse your business data. Identify customer ordering trends and order appropriately based on your businesses data. The benefit of forecasting your ordering is you reduce the risk of having products expire before they are sold.

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3. Implement Staff Processes

To have strong order management, your business needs to implement the right staff processes. Often one of the biggest reasons businesses experience stock and order management issues is because staff have made a mistake.

Before your team begins to receive and fulfil orders, it is important that your they are trained correctly and understand their roles and responsibilities. The more knowledge your staff have, the less likely they are to make a costly management mistake.

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4. Reporting

To be successful in 2022 and beyond, it is so important that your business has a strong reporting system in place. A strong reporting system will give your business the ability to make strong, calculated decisions that push your business further into the future.

In order management, a strong reporting system gives you the ability to see what is working well and what isn’t. The benefit of this is it gives you the ability to make changes before they become a major issue.

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5. Use an Order Management System

The systems that your business use will determine if you are successful or not. The best tool available for Food and Beverage Businesses is an Order Management System. An Order Management System is a Food and Beverage industry specific software that automates the daily tasks of running and F&B Business.

The benefit of using an order management system is it automatically manages key F&B business areas like ordering, invoicing and receipting. An OMS gives you back time to focus on the more important parts of running the business.

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Final Word,

Order Management is a vital part of running a Food and Beverage Business. The better your order management is, the more profitable your business will be. The 5 tips mentioned above are great ways to improve order management in 2022.

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