How an Order Management System can help your Food Distribution Business

24 Mar 2022 Helpful Tips


As the Australian Food and Beverage Industry continues to change, the demands of running a distribution business have increased to the point that it’s almost virtually impossible to operate without using an Order Management System.

An Order Management System is a Food and Beverage Industry specific program that automates the ordering and fulfilment process of running a B2B Food Distribution Business.

Here’s how an Order Management System can help your Food Distribution Business.

1. Automates Customer Ordering

Australian customers are becoming more and more reliant on online ordering. If your business continues to force customers to order manually either by SMS or Email, you could risk losing them to other providers. Arguably the greatest benefit of an Order Management System is it simplifies your customers ordering process.

Using an Order Management System customers can place orders through your very own Online Ordering Website. In the click of a button customers can select their product, their quantity and pay for their order quickly and easily. Online Ordering makes a once time-consuming process simple.

The benefit for your distribution business is the customers order request will automatically sync the management system and update the relevant areas such as live inventory numbers, jobs that need to be fulfilled and your route management.

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2. Simplify Inventory Management

Inventory management is a necessary but time-consuming task for all Food and Beverage business. An Order Management System simplifies and greatly reduces time spent on the inventory management process.

An Order Management System automatically updates your stock numbers as you buy and sell products. Instead of having to manually record numbers and compile Inventory reports, an OMS gives you the ability to quickly see your businesses stock position via a centralised management dashboard screen. Distributors also have the option to export an inventory spreadsheet report in the click of a button.

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3. Automates Customer Credit Card Payments

Chasing customer payments is a frustrating job, not only is it time-consuming but it costs your business greatly in both labour and processing costs. The benefit of using an Order management system like EasyVend is you can Automate Customer Credit Card Payments.

An Automatic Customer Credit Card Payment Solution automates your entire payment and invoicing process.

  • Customer invoices are automatically generated and sent to the customer at the correct time
  • Payment is debited from your customer automatically at the agreed time
  • Customer payments are automatically allocated and receipted to the correct invoice
  • Handles different discounts, price levels, price adjustments and rebate structures

An Automatic Credit Card Payment solution will save you hours of time every week and ensure you get paid on-time, every time.

To learn more about Automatic Credit Card Payments in EasyVend click here.

4. Integrated Accounting

Accounting is a common frustration for many F&B businesses. Not only do you need to keep on top of everything, but you often waste time working through the process with your accountant.

Using an OMS, Distribution business can integrate the management system with your accounting system. The benefit of integrating your two systems together is financial information will automatically transfer between the two programs upon entry – no duplicate data entry tasks!

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5. Automates Customer Reminders

It’s always frustrating receiving late or incorrect orders from a customer. Another benefit of using an OMS is you can automate customer order reminders.

In the click of a button, your business can automatically schedule reminder messages to be sent via SMS or email to customers who have either failed to place an order at their regular interval or to notify customers that your cut-off time is approaching. Using an OMS, you will never need to manually call or remind customers again!

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How EasyVend can help?

For food and beverage vendors, distributors, and wholesalers, EasyVend supports and automates every part of your business, freeing you up to grow your sales simply unlike other ERP systems.

EasyVend includes all your everyday management needs like Stock Management, Online Ordering, Invoicing, Receipting, Automatic Credit Card Payments, Xero Accounting Integration, Route Management, and Business Reporting – in the one central, industry-specific platform.

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