The Best Ways to Increase Order Accuracy in the Food and Beverage Industry

26 Jul 2022 Helpful Tips

As a Food and Beverage Business, your number one priority is to take and fulfill customer orders accurately. With that being said, many F&B businesses continue to struggle with order management with often increases costs and the risk of customer loss.

Here are the Best Ways to Increase Order Accuracy in the Food and Beverage Industry.

1. Online Ordering

One of the main reasons why many Food and Beverage Businesses struggle with Order Management is because of the process they use. If your business takes and receives orders via Phone or SMS, you are significantly increasing the risk of making of error. To minimise the risk of error, F&B Businesses should implement an Online Ordering Website as their primary method of ordering.

The benefit of having an Online Ordering website is customers can place their own orders at a time that suits them best. They can click a product, select a quantity, and pay for the order instantly. For your business, the benefit is your Online Ordering website can be integrated with your management system. When a customer places an order, the order details will instantly sync to your management system without you needing to perform any duplicate data entry tasks.

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2. Review your Fulfilment Process

The Food and Beverage Industry is constantly changing, the process that you have been using for years may not be the most accurate and as efficient method today. To increase Order Accuracy, it is important that your business frequently reviews your fulfillment process.

Your businesses fulfilment process should minimise manual labor and put your business in a strong position to grow. Research some of the latest trends in the F&B industry and see how they can enhance your process. As the Food and Beverage Industry continues to evolve it is important that you adapt with it, or you could fall behind.

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3. Accurate Reporting

The key to having a strong Order Fulfilment process is Reporting. Reporting is so important in order fulfilment as it paints the picture of what your business is doing well and what areas need improvement.

To increase order accuracy, your business needs to implement a strong reporting system. A strong reporting system should give your business instant access to vital information that can be used as a reference to base future business decisions around.

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4. Customer Feedback

The only way your business is going to improve is by gaining customer feedback. To maximise order accuracy, it is important that you ask for customer feedback as often as possible.

The benefit of asking for customer feedback is it gives your business the opportunity to hear firsthand from a customer what your business is doing well and what areas they would like improvement. For the areas that need improvement your business has the ability to make changes to keep the customer satisfied.

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5. Use a Management Software

As a Food and Beverage Business Owner there is so many things to do on a daily basis. Managing your business manually increases the risk of making a costly fulfilment error.

To streamline ordering and fulfilment, Food and Beverage businesses should use an Order Management System. The benefit of using an Order Management System like EasyVend is it automates many daily tasks of running a F&B business. Tasks like ordering, invoicing, receipting, and route management are completely automated in the background as you trade. Using an Order management system gives your business back time to focus on growth.

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Final Word,

Fulfilling Orders quickly and accurately is one of the biggest priorities for all Food and Beverage Businesses. The 5 Tips mentioned above will significantly help your business achieve greater order accuracy in 2022.

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